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Giving Back

Bouquet of Flowers I have always believed in the importance of giving back; this is a concept that has sustained the Journey of Hearts (tm) website since its beginning in 1997 and has been a core value for the Violet Heart (tm) Collection the overseeing company for the NICU Parent Support Site. 

As part of our mission to give back the NICU Parent Support Site donates to and supports organizations and hospitals that provide information, support and resources for NICU parents, families and children. The Donating & Giving Back page lists the organizations we support and gives you a way of donating and giving back.

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Giving Back with a Free NICU eBook

Giving back is a feature we bring to the NICU Parent Support, with the creating of this freely available NICU eBook. Giving back is a way of expressing gratitude for all that my family has been given and given back. In the case of our NICU newborn, we were given back a great deal; we were given back our daughter and the gift of her life. 

I think those who endure and survive a major life challenge are forever changed by the experience. Since our NICU journey, we have the desire and feel compelled to give something back with gratitude, hence, the development of a free of charge resource to assist other NICU parents.

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Giving Back - By Sharing the Support  - PSSST

One easy way of giving back is to share the support by passing on information about this Free NICU eBook. It doesn't cost anything to send an email or post a comment. (It might cost a bit to print out a copy to share.)

If you have found it to be beneficial, encouraging or comforting to you in dealing with your NICU Journey, please take a moment to pass on the word about the Free NICU eBook to others.

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You can share the support and spread the word several way:

We are grateful to you for passing on 

the secret message of support.

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Author's Brief Biography 
Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS, FT is a a respected physician, an expert in life challenges, loss, grief and bereavement, professional health educator, professor, lecturer and author. Dr. Dyer is the Domain Designer for the Journey of Hearts website, created in 1997 as the first and only physician-based website devoted to educating people about the normal grief response. Dr. Dyer is also a former NICU Parent, author of the e-Book My Baby's in the NICU: Now What? and founder of the NICU Parent Support Site, The NICU Parent Support Site, Blog and eMail List were created to provide information, support, inspiration and resources for NICU Parents and Families.

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