VeChain on Verge of Becoming the Next Privacy Coin: Could ZKP be the Key?

• The article discusses the potential of VeChain becoming a privacy coin like Monero and ZCash.
• It outlines the concept of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), which is needed to implement the ZKP protocol.
• It also mentions projects such as Mina Foundation and Zcash that are currently using this technology in 2023.

Can VeChain Become A Privacy Coin?

The article looks at the possibility of VeChain becoming a privacy coin like Monero and ZCash. Despite recent criticisms, tech pioneers have long advocated for privacy in the blockchain industry, with these two coins pushing its popularity within the crypto sphere.

What Is Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP)?

Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are cryptographic techniques used in cryptography and computer science. They enable users to prove that information sent to another party is correct without having to display any actual information, making it difficult to trace back. There are two primary ways to implement ZKP on a blockchain: zk-SNARKS and zk-STARKS, both requiring verification input which must fulfill three characteristics: completeness, soundness and zero knowledge.

Projects Using Zero Knowledge Technology

Mina Foundation uses a variant of the ZK-Snark protocol known as ‚plonk‘, offering practical zero-knowledge proofs while keeping their blockchain light with just 22kB size – allowing everyone to run a node without complex hardware requirements. Similarly, Zcash supports its privacy by using zero-knowledge technology within its network.


Although this article does not provide an exact answer on whether or not VeChain will become a privacy coin, it does give insight into how it could potentially be done with existing technologies already present in other networks – namely through implementations such as Mina Foundation’s ‘plonk’ or Zcash’s support for zero-knowledge technology .

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Enjoy Steady Profits in Crypto Markets with Mosdex!

• Mosdex is a crypto arbitrage platform that provides a solution to the volatility prevalent in the crypto markets.
• It acts as an island of calmness in a sea of turbulence, allowing participants to enjoy a steady passive income regardless of price changes of crypto assets.
• Mosdex is owned by Mosdex LLC and is secured and automated, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for human intervention.

Investing in the crypto markets can be a risky endeavor due to the volatility and unpredictability of the markets. Even the most experienced traders in the financial markets can be taken aback by the huge swings in asset prices on various exchanges. This makes it hard to predict profits in the crypto markets and can leave investors feeling fearful of their investments.

Fortunately, Mosdex is the perfect solution to the volatility prevalent in the crypto markets. Mosdex is a crypto arbitrage platform owned by Mosdex LLC, based in Finland. The blockchain’s processes are automated and secured, ensuring unprecedented transparency. The platform was created by an experienced team of professionals with experience in blockchain, DeFi, tokenization, arbitrage trading, and crypto trading.

The team at Mosdex designed the platform to ensure traders enjoy easy, steady profits with minimal risk and multiple income streams. Mosdex is the only crypto arbitrage platform able to earn participants a steady income. It acts as an island of calmness in a sea of turbulence, allowing participants to enjoy a steady passive income regardless of price changes of crypto assets.

Mosdex eliminates the need for human intervention, as all processes run on the blockchain. This ensures that transactions are completely transparent and auditable. The platform also allows participants to access multiple income streams, as they can make profits from both rising and falling markets.

Overall, Mosdex is the perfect solution to the volatility in the crypto markets. With its automated and secured processes, it ensures participants enjoy a steady passive income regardless of whether the markets are rising or falling. With Mosdex, investors can be sure they will be able to make profits in the crypto markets.

LBank Exchange to List SSM, Revolutionizing EV Industry with Blockchain Technology

• LBank Exchange will list Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023.
• SSM is a project that aims to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry by utilizing the power of blockchain technology.
• SSM will help to solve the problem of the shortage of EV chargers by converting existing personal chargers to shared chargers and developing easy-to-use shared chargers.

LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, recently announced that it will be listing Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023. This listing will enable users of the LBank Exchange platform to trade SSM with the USDT trading pair.

Speed Service Mobility (SSM) is a project that aims to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. SSM integrates various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more, in order to innovate the EV ecosystem. With the SSM listing on LBank Exchange, the project will be able to expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

The primary goal of SSM is to solve the problem of the shortage of EV chargers. To this end, SSM has applied its platform to existing personal chargers to convert them to shared chargers, and is developing easy-to-use shared chargers in a similar form to personal chargers. This will enable users in the EV ecosystem to form a shared community together and prevent the excessive occupation and monopoly use of chargers. Furthermore, the chargers operated/managed by different charging operators can be organically linked with each other, enabling the automatic charging of EV vehicles. Additionally, token economics will be used to provide monetary (points/virtual assets) compensation or royalties to actively guide users to make positive changes and realize the construction of autonomous EV infrastructure.

The listing of SSM on LBank Exchange is a major milestone for the project and will enable SSM to expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision. The SSM/USDT trading pair will officially be available for trading on the LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023.

$1 Billion Venom Ventures Fund Launched to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

• Venom Foundation and Iceberg Capital have partnered to launch a $1 billion venture fund called Venom Ventures Fund (VVF).
• The blockchain-agnostic fund will invest in innovative protocols and Web3 dApps, focusing on long-term trends such as payments, asset management, DeFi, banking services, and GameFi.
• The fund’s leadership team consists of some of the world’s most experienced traditional finance and blockchain professionals.

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) announced today that Venom Foundation and Iceberg Capital have agreed to launch a $1 billion venture fund called Venom Ventures Fund (VVF). The fund is the first Layer-1 blockchain licensed and regulated by the ADGM, and Iceberg Capital is an ADGM regulated investment manager.

VVF will be a blockchain-agnostic fund, investing in innovative protocols and Web3 dApps with a focus on long-term trends such as payments, asset management, DeFi, banking services, and GameFi. The fund is aiming to become the leading supporter of the next-generation digital technologies and entrepreneurs, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of blockchain, DeFi, and Web3 while generating long-term value for investors.

The fund will be managed by Iceberg Capital and will be investing in projects and teams from pre-seed to Series A rounds. Iceberg Capital will offer incubation programs and access to an extensive industry network, as well as provide marketing, exchange listing, technical, legal, and regulatory support for the investee projects.

The fund’s leadership team consists of some of the world’s most experienced traditional finance and blockchain professionals; including Peter Knez, ex-CIO at BlackRock and Mustafa Kheriba, a seasoned and well-known investment professional with an impressive track record in the MENA region. Mustafa has served on the Board of Directors of several financial services and insurance companies in the Middle-east and Europe.

Commenting on the launch of VVF, Mustafa Kheriba, the Executive Chairman of Iceberg Capital, said “We are thrilled to partner with Venom Foundation and launch the first Layer-1 blockchain venture fund. VVF will provide an ideal platform for us to identify and invest in the world’s most promising early-stage blockchain projects and entrepreneurs. We are confident that our fund will enable us to make a meaningful contribution to the industry and drive the much-needed innovation in the blockchain space.”

He further added, “Our team is well-equipped to provide the necessary guidance and support to the portfolio companies to help them succeed in the long-term. We are committed to building a strong portfolio of projects and teams that will help shape the future of blockchain technology.”

Venom Foundation CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Salim Al-Hassani, commented “We are delighted to partner with Iceberg Capital to launch Venom Ventures Fund (VVF). We believe that VVF will provide an ideal platform to enable us to invest in innovative blockchain projects and entrepreneurs that are creating the future of blockchain and DeFi. We are looking forward to working closely with Iceberg Capital to identify and invest in the best projects.”

Earn Rewards & Reinvest in the Sustainable MEMAG Gaming Ecosystem!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is launching a presale of their $MEMAG tokens at $0.007.
• The MEMAG tokens are allocated 35% to the presale, with only 10% of the capped supply allocated to exchange liquidity.
• The MEMAG ecosystem is focused on sustainability and providing players with opportunities to earn reward tokens by participating and winning in the games hosted on the platform.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is revolutionizing the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. The platform is centered around the native token $MEMAG, which is now available for purchase in the first stage of the presale at $0.007. MEMAG tokens are allocated 35% to the presale, with only 10% of the capped supply allocated to exchange liquidity, so investors have more access to the tokens now.

The MEMAG platform is focused on sustainability and providing players with opportunities to earn reward tokens by participating and winning in the games hosted on the platform. All the MMG titles hosted on the platform will issue in-game rewards known as Gems, which can then be converted into $MEMAG tokens. Players can then cash out the tokens into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem. This makes MEMAG one of the most rewarding play-to-earn gaming ecosystems, as players truly own all the in-game assets received as rewards.

Meta Masters Guild also offers players the option to reinvest their tokens into the ecosystem, giving them access to higher-value rewards and incentives. Players can use their tokens to purchase assets such as special in-game items, access to special tournaments, and even discounts on the purchase of MEMAG tokens. This makes the MEMAG platform even more attractive to players looking to make the most of their gaming experience.

Overall, Meta Masters Guild is an innovative and sustainable play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that rewards players for their participation and victories. With its presale of MEMAG tokens now open, investors have the chance to get in on the ground floor and own a valuable asset that increases in value as it enters different stages of the presale. Players can also look forward to earning rewards that they truly own and can reinvest into the ecosystem.

Bitcoin Revolution è affidabile?

La sicurezza può essere implementata con sorveglianza, crittografia, 2FA e altri protocolli. Ma la fiducia deve essere guadagnata con azioni che fanno sentire gli utenti a proprio agio con il modo in cui l’azienda gestisce sia i fondi che le informazioni.

Cosa ha fatto Bitcoin Revolution per far sentire agli utenti che ci si può fidare di loro?

Clicca qui per altre interessanti informazioni sull’argomento:

Verifica delle riserve:

Bitcoin Revolution è stato controllato per dimostrare che le sue riserve superano la quantità di fondi che gli utenti hanno sulla piattaforma. In altre parole, in caso di crash, hacking o altri fallimenti catastrofici, Bitcoin Revolution ha abbastanza riserve per coprire tutti i fondi degli utenti. Gli utenti possono verificare crittograficamente che i fondi nei loro conti individuali sono coperti dalle riserve dell’exchange.


Il CEO di Bitcoin Revolution è ben noto, così come la sede della società a San Francisco. Inoltre, gli investitori della società sono pubblici.


Bitcoin Revolution mantiene relazioni con le banche tedesche, il governo di Tokyo ed è stato descritto da Bloomberg, il New York Times e il Wall Street Journal.

In poche parole, Bitcoin Revolution è una piattaforma di scambio di criptovalute sicura e affidabile, che permette scambi tra diverse valute fiat e criptovalute. Rispetto ad altri exchange, Bitcoin Revolution è una delle migliori scelte per l’affidabilità.

Bitcoin Revolution è sicuro per comprare Ripple?

Bitcoin Revolution offre una piattaforma sicura e affidabile per comprare tutti i token che supporta, incluso Ripple. Tuttavia, in alcuni paesi, è necessario avere una verifica di livello Tier 3 per comprare Ripple. Quindi, Bitcoin Revolution è sicuro per comprare effettivamente Ripple da? Sì.

La verifica Multi-Tier di Bitcoin Revolution spiegata:

Come menzionato sopra, la verifica utente di Bitcoin Revolution è a più livelli. Ogni livello ha determinati limiti e requisiti. La maggior parte degli utenti utilizza la verifica di livello 1 o 2, con livelli più alti per gli utenti che commerciano con volumi più elevati o hanno determinati requisiti. Ecco una breve spiegazione di tutti i livelli:

Livello 0- Questo livello richiede solo un indirizzo email. Gli utenti di questo livello, tuttavia, possono solo navigare nel sito e vedere come tutto appare e funziona, ma non sono autorizzati a fare trading.

  • Tier 1- Gli utenti possono solo fare depositi e ritiri solo in criptovalute. Tuttavia, il trading è abilitato in entrambe le valute digitali e fiat. Questo livello richiede agli utenti di inserire il loro nome completo, data di nascita, paese e numero di telefono. Non vi è alcun limite di deposito, ma i prelievi sono limitati a 2.500 USD al giorno o 20.000 USD al mese.
  • Tier 2 – Sono disponibili depositi, prelievi e trading di valute digitali. Gli utenti Tier 2 possono depositare e prelevare valute fiat a seconda del paese in cui vivono. In valuta fiat, i limiti sono 2.000 USD al giorno e 10.000 al mese. I prelievi di criptovaluta sono limitati a 5.000 USD al giorno e 50.000 al mese.
  • Tier 3- Livelli più alti di finanziamento in valuta fiat sono disponibili per i clienti Tier 3. Questo livello richiede un ID governativo valido e una prova recente di residenza. I depositi e i prelievi in valuta fiat sono limitati a 25.000 USD al giorno e 200.000 USD al mese. I prelievi in valute digitali sono limitati a 50.000 USD al giorno e 200.000 USD al mese. Paesi come Stati Uniti, Canada, Giappone e Germania richiedono una verifica Tier 3 per depositare e prelevare in valuta fiat.
  • Tier 4- Permette i più alti livelli di limiti di finanziamento. Gli utenti del Tier 4 possono essere sia individui che società e si consiglia di contattare il dipartimento di supporto per chiarire i loro requisiti.

PayPal öffnet Bitcoin für 346 Millionen Nutzer

Der Weg von Bitcoin zu einer breiteren Akzeptanz im Handel hat am Mittwoch seinen bisher größten Meilenstein erreicht. Der Zahlungsriese PayPal öffnet die Kryptowährung nun für alle seine 346 Millionen Nutzer und 26 Millionen Händler weltweit.

Der Zahlungsverkehrs- und Fintech-Gigant PayPal nimmt nun offiziell Kryptowährungen auf und macht Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin und Ether für alle Nutzer und Händler weltweit zugänglich. PayPal kündigte die Initiative in einem Blogbeitrag an, berichtet CoinDesk.

Lesen Sie dazu auch den folgenden Artikel:

Die Arbeiten begannen vor fast einem Jahr, und seit Juni dieses Jahres kursierten hartnäckige Gerüchte, dass die Handelsplattform des Unternehmens mit Kryptowährungen ausgestattet werden sollte. Einen Monat später gab die Zahlungsplattform Paxos Trust Company bekannt, dass sie eine Partnerschaft mit PayPal eingegangen ist, aber die Informationen waren zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch spärlich.

Es ist nun klar, dass das in New York ansässige Unternehmen Paxos als zugrunde liegende Plattform für den Austausch zwischen Kryptowährungen und US-Dollar im Rahmen von PayPal fungieren wird. Die Einführung von Kryptowährungen wird durch eine Lizenz des New York State Department of Finance unterstützt.

Fast weltweit

PayPal wird in den nächsten Wochen allen 346 Millionen Nutzern und 26 Millionen Händlern die Möglichkeit bieten, Kryptowährungen auf seiner Plattform zu verwenden. Die Option wird weltweit eingeführt, mit einigen Ausnahmen, wie z. B. dem Bundesstaat Hawaii, der allgemein als „schwierig“ gilt, wenn es um Kryptowährungen geht.

– PayPal wird, zumindest anfänglich, nur Bitcoin als Zahlungsmittel anbieten. Dennoch lässt sich nicht leugnen, dass es sich um eine enorm wichtige Nachricht handelt – vielleicht sogar um die wichtigste in diesem Jahr, wenn es darum geht, wie der Bitcoin weiterhin die hohen Hürden für seine Akzeptanz überwindet, sagt Eric Wall, CIO des Kryptowährungsfonds Arcane.

Nach den Informationen, die aus PayPal herausgekommen sind, wird sich das Unternehmen langsam bewegen, und das System ist zunächst in verschiedener Hinsicht eingeschränkt. Bitcoin und andere Kryptowährungen können nur innerhalb der PayPal-Domäne gekauft, verkauft und übertragen werden; die Nutzer können die Kryptowährungen nicht in das PayPal-System hinein oder aus ihm heraus transferieren. Aus Sicherheitsgründen, so PayPal, werden die Nutzer auch keinen Zugang zu den Schlüsseln ihrer digitalen Geldbörsen haben.

Darüber hinaus hat PayPal ein Limit für die Menge an Kryptowährungen festgelegt, die ein Nutzer kaufen kann – maximal 10.000 US-Dollar pro Woche und 50.000 US-Dollar pro 12 Monate. Andererseits wird das System sicherstellen, dass die Transaktionen in Echtzeit erfolgen und immer in US-Dollar zum offiziellen Wechselkurs abgewickelt werden.

Der Bitcoin-Preis stieg sofort

Der Preis für einen Bitcoin stieg aufgrund dieser Nachricht um etwa sieben Prozent und wird zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels für knapp 12.800 Dollar gehandelt. Gleichzeitig stieg der Gesamtmarktwert von Bitcoin auf über 236 Milliarden Dollar.

– PayPal hat Bitcoin bereits früher als Geldwäscheinstrument bezeichnet. Heute, rund 7 Jahre später, ist es ein Produkt, das sie selbst anbieten. Bitcoin kann nicht länger ignoriert werden, und PayPal ist, wie viele andere Unternehmen in naher Zukunft, gezwungen, sich der wirtschaftlichen Realität zu beugen. Das ist nicht überraschend, aber wir alle in der Branche spotten sicherlich ein wenig darüber. Willkommen auf der Party. Wir haben auf Sie gewartet“, sagt Eric Wall.

Weitere Branchenvertreter sind von der Initiative von PayPal begeistert. Nigel Green, CEO der deVere Group und langjähriger Befürworter von Kryptowährungen, schreibt in einer Pressemitteilung, dass „die Entscheidung eines der weltweit größten Zahlungsunternehmens, Nutzern den Kauf, Verkauf und das Halten von Bitcoin zu erlauben, ein weiteres Beispiel dafür ist, dass Bitcoin-Leugner auf der falschen Seite der Geschichte stehen. Um es klar zu sagen: Dies ist ein großer Schritt in Richtung einer breiten Einführung von digitalen Währungen.

Abra VD säger att Bitcoin skulle kunna splittra $ 250 000 i år, men större kryptokorrigering kan vara runt hörnet

VD för den digitala betalningsplattformen Abra säger att Bitcoin kan bryta 250 000 dollar före årets slut, men han tror också att kryptomarknaderna är försenade för en sund korrigering.

I ett nytt avsnitt av Vad Bitcoin

I ett nytt avsnitt av Vad Bitcoin gjorde med Peter McCormack säger Bill Barhydt att han letar efter potentiellt motstånd på $ 60 000-nivån innan en massiv BTC-korrigering följer.

„Om jag tittar på tebladet har vi inte haft en 30% tillbakadragning sedan vi gick ner till 30 000 dollar när vi först fick upp till 44 000 dollar, 43 000 dollar, vad det än var, så det beror på oss. Om jag var tvungen att gissa, skulle jag säga om du tittar på den uppåtgående lutningen som vi har gått sedan december, beroende på hur snabbt vi kommer dit, om det är i februari, skulle vi kunna toppa strax under $ 60.000 och sedan lätt falla 30 % och det skulle faktiskt avveckla gummibandet för att förmodligen gå till $ 85.000 till $ 90.000.

Det skulle förmodligen ta oss fram till augusti, som om du tittar på lager att flöda (S2F), sägs det i princip att det är runt den tid det ska hända och det är kusligt, jag menar att det verkligen är kusligt hur noggrann den modellen har varit. ”

Trots att Barhydt är kortvarig baiss på Bitcoin

Trots att Barhydt är kortvarig baiss på Crypto Engine, förutspår han att den största kryptotillgången har mer uppåtriktad potential, men dess bullmarknadstopp kan alla bero på att stora företag antas.

”Det som är intressant är att när du når den tidsramen för augusti när du börjar närma dig 100 000 dollar, skiljer sig PlanB: s två modeller. Eftersom han har den ena modellen, den ursprungliga beståndet att flöda som säger att vi är på $ 100.000 i 24 månader i princip. Och sedan har han sin cross-asset-modell som i grunden talar om nästa fas som säger, ‚Hej, vi får upp till $ 250.000 i år …‘

I december förra året, när jag gick vidare, tror jag, din show och jag pratade med [Anthony Pompliano] och andra, sa jag i grunden att jag tror att Bitcoin kommer att uppgå till $ 100.000 i slutet av 2021. Jag tycker fortfarande att det är rätt men jag tror att om vi får en massa andra Fortune 500-företag som gör meddelanden som Tesla, kommer det att pressa upp detta till en kvarts miljon mycket snabbt. ”

Bitcoin stiger nå nærmere $ 42.000 og slår sine egne tidligere poster

Til tross for gevinsten og den kontinuerlige økningen i prisen på Bitcoin, forventer mange kritikere en potensiell utbrudd av denne „boblen“.

Bitcoin (BTC) har fortsatt å glede investorer ettersom det har steget forbi prismerket på 41.000 dollar, en ny heltid og å slå sine egne tidligere rekorder

I henhold til CoinMarketCap er en Bitcoin Profit nå verdt så mye som $ 41.934 i skrivende stund og representerer en gevinst på over 8,7% det siste døgnet.

Bitcoin fortsetter å glede sine eiere, så vel som nye investorer, ettersom de åpenbare prisgevinster er synonymt med fortjeneste, spesielt for de som har tatt en posisjon med mynten på et tidligere tidspunkt. Rallyet i 2020 ble hovedsakelig tilskrevet at toppinstitusjoner over hele verden kjøpte opp mynten, mens den nåværende pågående rallyen ble tilskrevet en økning i oppkjøpet av detaljinvestorer som frykter å gå glipp av dette nåværende bull run.

Til tross for gevinsten og den kontinuerlige økningen i prisen på Bitcoin, forventer mange kritikere en potensiell utbrudd av veksten de merker som en boble. Forventningen om en priskorreksjon har imidlertid ikke avskrekket de nye investorene eller har ført til at de gamle har solgt sine påløpte gevinster, et grep som raskt kan spore profetiene fra disse kritikerne.

Virkningen av detaljinvestorer på Bitcoin-prisoverføring til nye poster

Utvilsomt er hoveddelen av BTC i omløp for tiden innenfor kassen til mindre enn 5% av investorene som har tatt stilling i Bitcoin. Mens et flertall av de 5% inkluderer institusjonelle adoptere og de svært velstående individuelle investorene, viser data fra detaljhandelfokuserte kryptokursutvekslinger at detaljinvestorer bidro til å betydelig skyve Bitcoin-prisen utover referanseverdien på $ 41.000

De Revolut app rapporterte at den registrerte rundt 300 000 nye kryptokurrencykunder de siste 30 dagene da bitcoin testet nye og høyere prisnivåer, og eToro bemerket at den hadde 61% flere unike bitcoinholdere 4. januar enn den gjorde et år tidligere, og 49% mer unike innehavere av eter, en annen virtuell valuta i henhold til en rapport fra CNBC.

Med markedet overfylt, mener analytikere selv om det er en priskorreksjon på dette tidspunktet, er den generelle trenden med bitcoin bullish.

„Det vil være volatilitet, noe som er naturlig etter gevinsten vi har sett, men den langsiktige trenden er tydelig,“ Simon Peters, markedsanalytiker ved eToro, fortalte CNBC. „Crypto flytter inn i mainstream, og flere og flere investorer legger til eksponering.“

Men i påvente av at denne volatiliteten vil presse Bitcoin-prisen under den nåværende støtten som er satt til $ 41.000, forventer kryptosfæren hvor høyt dette bull run vil gå.

David Sønstebø settles with IOTA

A short time after David Sønstebø, one of the co-founders of IOTA, had to leave the company. he wrote a public letter to his former colleagues, among others, to make his view of the events public.

On December 26th it became Sønstebø’s articlereleased. Already in the first lines he explains that he was partially relieved to no longer work at the Iota Foundation, since his life until the time of his departure was all about the wellbeing of the company.

To the crypto compass magazine

Even before the article was published, there were signs of a breakup. On December 10th, the Foundation published a post on its blog stating that the company would not care about individuals and that Sønstebø’s departure would not change the company’s strategy.

The decision to part ways, while difficult, had to be made. There have been several instances where David’s actions were inconsistent with what the foundation stands for and who we want to be

it said in the post. The main reason for the separation, however, were conflicts over common interests. In his article, Bitcoin Code did not spare criticism of his ex-company. So IOTA is now only an end in itself project that is aimed at its own profit. For him, however, it was always about the technology. In addition to these claims, some employees of the company are also being addressed.

Sønstebø speaks about individuals

For example, he calls on Dominik Schiener, Co-President of the Board of Directors and founder of IOTA, to no longer call himself a co-founder of the company:

You were not involved in developing either the Tangle theory or the IOTA vision. While we were designing IOTA, you had no idea or interest in IoT and played no role in the vision of machine economy, data integrity through DLT, free of charge, etc. You didn’t even know about IOTA when this was concretized.