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El megafondo de cobertura de Scaramucci Skybridge ‚puede mantener posiciones‘ en Bitcoin

En una presentación registrada en la Comisión de Valores y Bolsa de los Estados Unidos (SEC), la gigantesca firma de inversiones mundiales Skybridge Capital explicó que el fondo Skybridge G II puede invertir en monedas digitales como el bitcoin.

El 13 de noviembre, la empresa con sede en Nueva York y con 7.700 millones de dólares en activos bajo gestión (AUM) dijo al regulador estadounidense que los fondos de inversión de Skybridge „pueden mantener posiciones largas y cortas en activos digitales“.

Skybridge Capital, otro conocido gestor de patrimonio con más de 7.700 millones de dólares AUM, dijo a la SEC el viernes que podría invertir en activos digitales como bitcoin. La presentación ante la SEC discute la evaluación general de la empresa e incluye un gran resumen de cómo Covid-19 está afectando la economía. Enterrado en lo profundo de las páginas de ciertos activos, derivados, ETFs, ETNs, y otros vehículos de inversión, Skybridge señala que el Fondo G II puede entrar en la economía criptográfica a través de una miríada de ángulos.

El Mega Fondo de Cobertura de miles de millones de dólares de Scaramucci Skybridge ‚puede mantener posiciones‘ en Bitcoin

El fondo no sólo dijo que „puede mantener posiciones largas y cortas en activos digitales“, sino que Skybridge también podría invertir en otros tipos de criptos junto con bitcoin (BTC). La presentación incluso destaca que los activos digitales „podrían declinar rápidamente, incluso a cero“. Aún así, Skybridge podría invertir en otras áreas del universo de la criptografía como las empresas de criptografía.

„[Skybridge] y los Fondos de Inversión también pueden invertir en valores de empresas relacionadas, total o parcialmente, con activos digitales o tecnologías de activos digitales (incluyendo mineros de activos digitales, tecnologías de pago, seguridad digital o bolsas de comercio de criptografía), o que de otra manera tienen exposición directa o indirecta a tecnologías emergentes“, señala el documento de la SEC.

El megafondo de cobertura de miles de millones de dólares de Scaramucci, Skybridge, ‚puede mantener posiciones‘ en Bitcoin

De manera similar, Skybridge le dice al regulador que al igual que las posibilidades de que los precios de los criptones caigan a cero, algunas de las empresas en las que invierte el fondo podrían ser „rápidamente eclipsadas por los nuevos y más perturbadores avances tecnológicos“. Hacia el final de la presentación de las declaraciones sobre los activos digitales, Skybridge le dice a la SEC que la empresa entiende plenamente que „el panorama regulador de los activos digitales no está definido y se está desarrollando rápidamente“.

„La regulación de los activos digitales puede variar significativamente entre las jurisdicciones federales, estatales y locales que no son de los Estados Unidos o de los Estados Unidos y está sujeta a una incertidumbre considerable“, detalla la presentación de Skybridge.

Skybridge Capital fue fundada en 2005 por Anthony Scaramucci, Brett S. Messing, Raymond Nolte y Troy Gaveski. Scaramucci habló recientemente sobre las monedas digitales en una entrevista y explicó que cuando regresó a Skybridge en 2018, „[la empresa] se sumergió profundamente en el espacio de los activos digitales“.

„Soy un fanático“, explicó Scaramucci. „Creo que los activos digitales tienen un futuro y obviamente esa cadena de bloques tiene un futuro“, dijo el socio gerente.

On-chain data shows: Bitcoin sees capital inflows at a record-breaking pace

Bitcoin has exploded higher and higher in the past few weeks.

In the last five weeks alone, the coin has risen by around 50%

According to Willy Woo, the capital is pouring into the Bitcoin Era software almost at record speed.

In particular, Woo points out the realized price metric, which depicts the estimated cost base of the average Bitcoin investor.

Bitcoin has exploded higher in the past few weeks. In the past five weeks alone, the leading cryptocurrency has gained 50% against the US dollar, essentially outperforming all other assets.

Bitcoin is currently trading for $ 16,200 (buy Bitcoin now? Click here for instructions!) – well above the September lows of $ 9,800, but slightly below the local highs of $ 16,500.

According to Willy Woo, the capital is pouring into the Bitcoin market at almost record speed. The prominent on-chain analyst comments that, according to his data, there is clearly an inflow of capital into the Bitcoin market that is driving prices up.

He points to the realized price metric, which tracks the estimated average cost base that Bitcoin investors have paid. Referring to the chart below, he writes:

“The realized price estimates the average price that the market paid for BTC. It is now at the steepest rise in this cycle, meaning that the inflow of capital into #Bitcoin has reached its highest rate since the last bull market. (Higher than last year’s $ 4k- $ 14k move; current move is more organic). For the sake of this comment, I’ll define „organic“. Organic price movements occur when BTC price is closely related to investors‘ capital that enters and exits the market. If it is an inorganic BTC price, it will be dominated by short-term derivatives traders. “

Far from the only good sign

The growing strength in the realized Bitcoin price isn’t the only good sign the analyst has seen recently. He also notes that the ongoing rally appears to have been catalyzed by large investors – suggesting that this rally is being influenced by institutional money:

“Who bought this rally? It’s smart money … high net worth individuals. You can see the average transaction value between investors making a big leap up. The OTC desks see that too. Bitcoin is still in the stealth phase of its bull run. “

Notably, Woo recently stated that Bitcoin’s recent price action could be viewed as bearish from a technical perspective, suggesting bearish RSI divergence and other unfortunate signs.

However, Woo has limited this point and emphasized that what really counts is the on-chain functionalities – and they remain bullish for the cryptocurrency.

Crypto betting provider comes under fire for citing AP report

Crypto betting provider YieldWars enters the eventual election victory of Joe Biden as a fact and thus causes criticism.

After the influential Associated Press news agency announced Joe Biden as the winner of the American presidential election over Donald Trump, this message was entered on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, which at least one crypto bookmaker automatically resulted in the payment of a bet.

As a result, criticism arose from some quarters of how useful it is to integrate such a message as an Oracle in blockchains

This in turn sparked a larger discussion about credibility and determinism in smart contract-based crypto betting.

The blockchain company Everipedia announced on October 15, 2020 that it intends to weave data from the Associated Press, which is provided with cryptographic evidence, onto the blockchains of EOS and Ethereum via the Chainlink Oracle network as part of the US election.

„We are making history by being the first company to publish the AP election reports on blockchains and make them usable,“ said Everipedia Vice President for Business Development David Liebowitz in the accompanying press release.

The crypto betting provider YieldWars then opened a bet on the duel between Trump and Biden, which is based on the corresponding Oracle with data from the AP. More than $ 250,000 was wagered in just two days.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, one of the anonymous founders of YieldWars said that referring to Everipedia and the Associated Press was a logical consequence:

“On closer inspection, we realized that this was our best option. The AP is probably the most trustworthy news agency in the world and as an anonymous project we knew we needed a trusted source for people to trust us. “
Critics now oppose, however, that the elections have not yet been finally decided, so the AP would not be sufficient as an Oracle.

This is how a Twitter user writes :

“Take it very slowly. To enter false claims as fact on the blockchain is a mistake. Biden could win, but there will be recounts and legal appeals have already been filed. So how can Biden’s victory be entered as a fact on the blockchain? “
Another Twitter user mockingly says : „Can I also register as president on the blockchain?“

However, the anonymous YieldWars co-founder is confident that crypto betting will use several oracles in the future, which will take the wind out of the sails of criticism of this kind in advance:

“In the future there will be several oracles like AP and I am sure that the next election will take place. If the outcome of crypto bets is determined by the interaction of several oracles, there will be no more arguments. „

This has never happened before: the price of Bitcoin has reached one hundred consecutive days above $10000.

In fact, referring to the average daily price, the last time this was below $10,000 was on July 26, 2020, but since the 27th it has always been above this threshold.

Since then one hundred days have passed, during which time the average daily price has never fallen below $10,000.

To tell the truth, already on September 28th, it had set the highest ever record of the highest number of consecutive days with an average price above $10,000, exceeding even the strip recorded during the big speculative bubble at the end of 2017. But then it was only 61 consecutive days, that is two months, while now it has become 100, more than three months.

In addition, on the horizon there does not seem to be a short time to see a fall below that threshold, so much so that some even speculate that the price of BTC may never return below $ 10,000.

It should also be noted that it is now 25 days that the BTC price is consecutively above $11,000, and 11 consecutive days that it is above $13,000, but these are strips that are a little less likely not to be interrupted.

Bitcoin’s 100 days above $10,000

Incidentally, in these 100 days, only 38 times the average daily price was lower than $11,000, or in 62% of cases the price was higher than not only $10,000, but also $11,000.

This suggests that the $10,000 threshold is much more solid than the $11,000 threshold, which is perhaps why many believe that it is very unlikely to fall back to the July 26 levels.

What is certain is that the current trend is markedly different from that of the end of 2017, when in less than 30 days the price rose from $8,000 to $20,000 and then fell back to $6,000 in less than 60 days.

In other words, from November 2017 to February 2018, in 100 days, the price went from $8,000 to $6,000 passing through $20,000, while now it is from 100 consecutive days above $10,000.

The context, on the other hand, has completely changed, and is almost totally different, so it is hardly surprising that BTC’s price behavior is so different than it was then.

It remains to be seen how much longer this strip will last.