African DPAT Token Gains Global Attention as OP and CRO Struggle

9. März 2023

Weekly Performance of Optimism (OP), Cronos (CRO) and DPA Token (DPAT)

  • Optimism (OP) experienced a 70% decrease in daily transaction count since the conclusion of its Optimism Quests programme.
  • Cronos upgraded to an official v1.0 version number following the completion of the Galileo mainnet upgrade earlier this year.
  • DPA Token (DPAT) remains an international hot topic, opening up African investments to the global crypto community.

Optimism’s Transaction Volume Decrease

Built on top of Ethereum (ETH), Optimism (OP) is currently one of the leading layer-2 blockchains in the crypto market. By using optimistic rollups, Optimism benefits from the security of the Ethereum mainnet and helps scale the Ethereum ecosystem. That is, users, record their transactions with trust on Optimism, but their data is ultimately secured by Ethereum technology. After experiencing a significant increase in daily transactions on the layer-2 network, Optimism has experienced a 70% decrease in daily transaction count since the conclusion of its Optimism Quests programme.
Optimism released a series of 18 tasks called „Optimism Quests“ in September 2022, with a deadline of January 17th, 2023. These quests guided users through various network features such as swapping, lending, staking etc. The quests aimed to improve user experience in the ecosystem and consequently observed surge in user counts as daily transaction count on network significantly increased following program’s start in September 2022. Data from Dune Analytics shows that just few days before program’s closure on January 12th, daily transactions on layer-2 network peaked at 760k which was highest ever since inception two years ago.

Cronos‘ Upgrade to Version 1.0

Based on Cosmos SDK technology, Cronos is a layer-1 blockchain network that interoperable with Ethereum and allows developers to instantly port dApps and assets from other layer-1 blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana BNB Chain and Terra which will be able to scale decentralized finance (DeFi) sector and user base for decentralized applications (dApps). Cronos Chain now has an official V1.0 version number following completion of Galileo mainnet upgrade earlier this year which aims to boost performance for quickness effectiveness dependability privacy scalability compliance etcetera according to project whitepaper published back December 2021 leading up upgrade process itself began October 2021 with initial testing phases rollout until eventual launch March 2023 after months work put into it by development team behind project.

African Sensation – DPA Token

The African sensation DPA Token (DPAT) continues opening up African investments to global crypto community while remaining an international hot topic every week despite its lack active trading activities across exchanges due limited liquidity available right now product still being relatively new market compared some other projects have been around longer however potential remains high given large population Africa tech friendly people who looking get involved digital asset space make impact world stage DPA could provide platform enabling them access cryptocurrency investing easily securely without any issues regionally or internationally basis due nature protocol connects several different blockchains projects together allowing users move money freely between them quickly efficiently no additional fees attached either making suitable use case scenarios such remittance payments cross border transactions fast enough attract many people attention over time we’ll have wait see how affects adoption rate continent long term future become clear soon enough hopefully should be interesting journey watch it unfolds 2020s decade ahead us right now let’s enjoy ride wherever lead us next!


To conclude this article: It seems that optimism witnessed a surge during its quest program but has decreased afterwards; meanwhile Cronos has successfully completed its uprgade process; Lastly DPAT remains an intenrational hit token within Africa as it opens up investment opportunities within its region easily & securely without additional fees associated with similar services .