AI Projects Soar: AltSignals & AiDoge Set to Rocket in 2023

15. Mai 2023

• AltSignals (ASI) and AiDoge (AI) are two projects that are leveraging AI technology to improve blockchain services.
• ASI token is currently in phase 1 of its presale event, while the AiDOGE project has generated significant early backing for its AI-powered meme generator.
• Experts suggest that AI technology could drive future price action in the crypto markets.

Introduction to AI Technology

AI technology is making waves across many different domains, with one lesser known use of it being to improve efficiency for blockchain services. Two projects that have utilised this are AltSignals (ASI) and AiDoge (AI), both of which have seen early success thanks to their implementation of machine learning.

AltSignals: Making Trading Easier with ActualizeAI

AltSignals‘ native token, ASI, is now available during a presale event which has generated $732k since it launched. The project’s new trading toolkit, ActualizeAI, will be powered by a custom artificial intelligence protocol and has attracted crypto traders from across Web3 due to its integrated utility with the ASI token.

AiDoge: Leveraging AI For Meme Generation

Another promising project leveraging AI technology is AiDoge, which will create custom memes automatically via machine learning algorithms. This has generated significant early backing as the platform moves into its presale stage of development.

Future Price Action?

Experts believe that AI technology will play an important role in dictating future price action in the crypto markets – something which could explain why projects such as AltSignals and AiDoge have been so popular during their respective presales events.


With costs falling and performance constantly improving, there’s no doubt that more projects will be looking to leverage AI technology going forward – especially within the world of cryptocurrency trading where accurate data analysis can make all the difference between profits or losses. As such, investors should keep an eye out for tokens such as ASI and AIDO which are already showing great promise within this space.