Chiliz Chain Hits Impressive Milestone: 100,000 Wallets & 500K Txns!

21. Juli 2023

• Chiliz (CHZ) Chain has recently hit a major milestone by surpassing 100,000 wallet addresses and 500,000 transactions.
• The CHZ Chain mainnet went live just two months ago.
• Chiliz has also completed registration for its “Fan Token” trademark in the United States and inked a partnership with Ankr, a key infrastructure provider for the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Chiliz (CHZ) Surpasses Impressive Milestone

Chiliz (CHZ) has recently achieved an impressive milestone with the launch of its Chiliz Chain mainnet: surpassing 100,000 wallet addresses and 500,000 transactions. This comes only two months after the mainnet was activated.

Chiliz Chain Infrastructure

The Chiliz Chain is a Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure designed for use in the entertainment and sports industries. It is an EVM-compatible, Proof-of-Stake Authority (PoSA) blockchain that provides an avenue for sports teams to launch Web 3.0 products and engage their communities more effectively.

Chiliz Fan Token Trademark

In addition to this milestone achievement, Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus also announced that they have successfully registered for the Fan Token trademark in the United States. This gives them exclusive rights to use this name when marketing their product or services within America’s borders.

Partnership With Ankr

Furthermore, Chiliz has entered into a partnership with Ankr – one of the leading providers of infrastructure on Binance’s BNB chain ecosystem – during June 2021. The deal will make Ankr serve as Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider for Chiliz from now on.

Price Drawdown Despite Achievements

Despite all these achievements made by Chiliz over recent months, there still remains a significant price drawdown among its users; especially when compared against active address activity metrics seen in other projects across different industry sectors.