Earn 10000% Returns with the Rival Memecoin: Pikamoon!

8. Mai 2023

• Wojak is a memecoin that has seen an exceptional bull run, yielding 10x returns for early investors.
• Experts are predicting that the rival memecoin Pikamoon could prove to be even better with up to 10000% returns in 2023.
• This article examines why Pikamoon is the superior choice and a better investment than Wojak.


There has been a lot of buzz in the crypto space lately as investors and experts are optimistic about market performance. The Fear and Greed Index currently stands at 64, indicating a positive sentiment in the market. One of the most promising sets of coins this season is memecoins, with Wojak leading the pack with over 1000% gains since launch. However, experts are saying that there is a new kid on the block that may offer even better returns – Pikamoon. This article will explore why it could be the superior choice for investors looking for maximum gains from their portfolios.

Wojak’s Bullish Run

Wojak is a memecoin based on a popular human-looking meme which aims to drive adoption of decentralised platforms through trading memes, events within its community and networking. It has generated an impressive $33,496,508 market cap in under one month and previously yielded 10x profits for early investors when listed on Gate.io and Bitget exchanges.

Pikamoon: Rival Memeoin with Huge Returns

Pikamoon is Wojak’s rival; also based on Ethereum blockchain but offering more utility as it is native token of brand-new metaverse game ‘PikaArmy’ which can give up to 10000% return by 2023 according to experts prediction.

Why Is Pikamoon Better Than Wojak?

Pikamoon offers various utilities such as being native token of PikaArmy game which makes it worth buying & holding for long term investments due to its potentiality to soar high & beat Wojaks gains hands-down despite being launched recently in March 2021 only..


Overall, it looks like investing in Pikamoon could be much more profitable than investing in Wojak given its huge potential returns by 2023 according to expert predictions . Therefore if you are looking for maximum returns from your portfolio then you should consider investing in Pikamon instead of Wojak