Game Devs: Meet Time-Traveling Gamer Grandma Babka & Her Robotic Feline Nushi!

23. März 2023

• Virtual Influencers Babka and Nushi are honoring game developers at GDC 2023 with a mysterious red carpet and stage.
• Developers will have the chance to take a photo, conduct interviews, and promote their games on social media channels.
• The event is open to GDC ticket holders at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Babka and Nushi Honor Game Developers

GDC 2023 is finally in full swing, and a mysterious Oscars-style red carpet and stage are piquing the interest of global game developers. Thanks to virtual influencer Babka and her robotic feline companion, Nushi, game-makers of all sizes will have the chance to share the limelight and promote their games on stage, live stream, as well as across various social media channels.

Event Location

The event can be found at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in the Moscone South lobby.

What Can Developers Do?

Developers who walk the red carpet will get the chance to take a photo with Babka and Nushi, as well as conduct a video interview about their projects that will be streamed on Twitch and promoted across various social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Hashtag #LivingLegends

Streams and footage will be shared under the hashtag #LivingLegends encouraging influencers, gamers, as well as developers alike to give shout-outs to their favorite creators in celebration of creativity within global games industry.

Special Giveaways

Special giveaways are also up for grabs throughout the event.