NFTonPulse Launches: Create & Collect NFTs Without Gas Fees!

16. März 2023

• Chainwire introduces, an innovative NFT marketplace designed to be the ultimate destination for NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors.
• To celebrate the launch of NFTonPulse, HowToPulse is offering an airdrop of their HTP token to early adopters.
• The platform was designed to benefit both creators and collectors, with fees from NFT creation going into the HTP staking pool. Launched by Chainwire

Chainwire has announced the launch of its new NFT marketplace, named This platform was created to be a one-stop destination for all kinds of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), including those created by artists and collectors alike. It is currently in beta on Goerli Ethereum testnet and will soon go live on PulseChain network, providing lightning-fast transactions and simplified user experience for all who wish to participate in the thriving world of NFTs.

Airdrop of HTP Token

HowToPulse has decided to reward early adopters with an airdrop of their own HTP tokens when they sign up for the marketplace’s services. These tokens can be used as utility tokens on platforms built atop PulseChain network – they represent financial freedom and right to ownership that come with decentralized applications built on this blockchain technology infrastructure.

Benefits for Creators & Collectors

The benefits offered by using this marketplace are plentiful – creators can now generate more income through minting fee-free NFTs as well as set their own royalty percentage from sales on the platform while collectors can effortlessly build their collections without worrying about gas fees or long wait times between transactions due to market congestion. Moreover, 95% of all fees generated by sales of these tokens go back into the HTP Staking Pool so that creators who stake their tokens here get 100% return once sales are complete!

Growth & Support

Since launching in 2021, HowToPulse has attracted over 250K visitors while its social media community has grown exponentially reaching 15K members thanks to hard work put in by core team behind it all! As more people learn about what this innovative platform offers and join its ranks, more creators will be able to make money off their art without any hassle at all – something everyone should appreciate!


All in all, it’s clear that Chainwire’s launch of NFTonPulse is great news not only for crypto enthusiasts but also anyone interested in making money from digital art or collecting unique digital assets without having worry about gas fees or long waits due to market congestion again – so don’t miss out on your chance grab some free HTPs if you join early enough!