Polygon and Rariko Team Up to Build Next-Gen Blockchain-Based Social Networks

11. Februar 2023

• Polygon network has partnered with Rariko to build a blockchain-based platform similar to Facebook and Twitter.
• The Rariko protocol is compatible with EVM chains and the Solana network and its automated communities offer token-gated access with RTAA and Anti-Phishing checks.
• The partnership between AcknoLedger and Rariko will enable users to exchange NFTs through chats, plus earn rewards for activities.

Polygon Network Partners With Rariko

The Polygon (MATIC) network has partnered with Rariko in order to create the next blockchain-based social media platforms – such as Facebook or Twitter. This platform powered by the Polygon network is highly compatible with all EVM chains and Solana networks, offering real-time asset authentication (RTAA) and Anti-Phishing checks. As of now, there are hundreds of DeFi apps on the Polygon network with a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $1.18 billion.

Rariko’s Strategic Partnership With AcknoLedger

Rariko recently announced its strategic partnership with AcknoLedger – a global consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web3 digital assets. Through this collaboration, users have access to seamless UX for NFT transfers while AcknoLedger can engage and grow their community more easily. Furthermore, there are plenty of DeFi projects on the Polygon network that can be used for scalability purposes for Rariko.

Building Social Interaction Platforms On Blockchain Technology

Rariko aims to build social interaction platforms like Twitter or Facebook but bases its infrastructure on blockchain technology instead. This way, users will be able to exchange NFTs through chats while earning activity-based rewards at the same time – making it a fun and rewarding experience overall!

Adoption Of The Polygon Network Increasing

The increasing adoption of polygon-based projects and services means that Rariko can continue expanding rapidly in terms of usage over time. Additionally, Ethereum scaling solutions from the Polygon network have proven attractive for top DeFi projects such as AAVE, Quickswap, Balancer, Uniswap V3 etc., further solidifying its reputation in the market today!


In conclusion, the Polygon (MATIC) Network’s partnership with Rariko is set to bring about great opportunities for both parties involved – enabling users to exchange NFTs through chats plus earn rewards from activities at the same time! Moreover, it also serves as an excellent opportunity for other DeFi projects on board the Ethereum scaling solution from Polygon as well!