Ripple’s XRP Experiences Stunning 127% Growth as SEC Ruling Looms

16. August 2023

• XRP has experienced a phenomenal 127% growth in assets under management (AUM) since the beginning of 2023.
• XRP is currently being eyed by institutional investors and is showing resilience amid market stagnation.
• The bullish sentiments are attributed to the partial win for Ripple in its legal duel against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

XRP’s Impressive 127% Growth in Assets Under Management

XRP’s asset under management (AUM) has surged by an impressive 127% since 2023 commenced, according to CoinShares, a digital assets investment company. This massive growth is attributed to positive developments in Ripple Labs vs. the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) legal proceedings. A detailed breakdown on August 15 by Michaël van de Poppe, a renowned crypto trading analyst, elucidates the roller coaster journey of XRP’s price dynamics since its partial win for Ripple in the legal duel against the SEC.

Price Movements and Analyses

Van de Poppe suggests that after the partial win for Ripple in the legal duel against the SEC, the significant rally brought XRP back to its former glory seen 470 days ago. Yet, current hesitancy among traders is due to a perceived lack of market interest, possibly leading to steep corrections we’re observing now. A price point of approximately $0.55 could potentially be grounding for XRP’s next big move, marking a strategic entry for upcoming cycle with patterns on XRP chart recalling those seen five years back when it soared beyond both 20-period and 50-period SMA hinting at possible major bullish run as mentioned by Finbold .

The Allure For Institutional Investors

Larger investors are undeniably drawn to Ripple’s XRP given its impressive 16-week streak of inflow making it attractive target for institutional investors due to its resilience amid market stagnation while capitalizing on favorable developments on SEC proceedings which resulted from $1.3 billion lawsuit filed against them accusing them of conducting unregistered securities sales via XRP only partially ruled by judge that sales weren’t securities giving hope that ultimate decision will favor Ripple allowing it further development without fear of fines or other penalties which could otherwise have devastating effect on their business model effectively stifling their innovation capabilities as well as theirs competitive advantage over peers operating outside US jurisdiction making them even more attractive target for investors willing risk investing into cryptocurrency space despite increased regulatory oversight worldwide .


In conclusion , there is no doubt that Ripple’s xrp has been able to capture attention from institutional investors due to its performance during difficult times amidst market stagnation . With favorable rulings arising from SEC proceedings coupled with technical indicators suggesting a possible new bull run , many observers believe that this could be an opportune moment for larger investors who have been looking into cryptocurrency investments but were wary due to regulatory uncertainty . As such , it would not be surprising if more institutions jumped into this space within short order .


Cryptocurrency investments are highly volatile and risky so please do your own research before investing .