XRP Makes Big Comeback: Leading Canadian Exchange Relists & Hints at More!

14. Juli 2023

• Canadian exchange BitBuy relists XRP pending the final ruling on its legal status.
• Coinbase’s CLO, Paul Grewal, hinted that their relisting of the asset would depend on several factors.
• The development has created excitement among the XRP community as Marie V confirmed to have purchased it from BitBuy.

Relisting of XRP

Canadian-based crypto exchange BitBuy recently became the second exchange to relist XRP pending the final ruling. Two years ago, several exchanges delisted XRP due to SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs and uncertainty about its legal status. The relisting was welcomed by the XRP community with user Marie V confirming a purchase from BitBuy.

Paul Grewal’s Statement

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal stated in March that even if Ripple wins the lawsuit, their relisting of XRP would not be automatic and they will need to assess several factors before doing so.

XRP Advocacy

The past few months have seen an increase in advocacy for getting XRP relisted on previously delisted exchanges. Mason Versluis, founder of Gold Squad was one of those who drew attention to this development after confirming through BitBuy’s mobile app that all trading features had been restored.

Commitment To Regulation

At the time of its delisting, BitBuy had committed itself to Canadian regulations while promising to react appropriately when things change which led to its recent move to relist XRP.


It remains unclear when other exchanges will follow suit but this development has definitely raised hopes among the crypto community that more platforms could soon list or re-list it depending on how court rules regarding Ripple Labs case against SEC.